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a strong girl is a girl that will never depend on a boy.
yes, i am that strong girl since you left me. thank you, i owe you one :)
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oh, hai
hai fellows.
actually, final sem is around the corner, but i, yes acting like it is one year more to wait.
chill, life is short but just make it fun. learn a lot, and you will got it, okayy. tehee :D

i miss my family and of course, my sisters. i just waanna share how much i love them.
our lovee is ... i just couldn't imagine. it's too wonderful :)

lol, already be my dp on fb. yes, i love this photo :)
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kepada mawadah abdul aziz : template anda sungguh lawaa. i've tried to download the template but i failed to do so. teach me please :D
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urghh, miserable -..-

ohh, bakal update iftar dekat rumah aiman. nantikan fellows (:
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there's always a shine
hai fellows. quite a month i didnt check on this smelly blog. well, life keep on moving and i just have to go on with the flow. harini, all students of mjsc pendang are ask to go home. wow, awesome! and i take on a ride with hanisah and syahirah. at first, everthing went well, suddenly god just wanna test our SABAR. hihi. the car broke down and we came back home on taxi. but it is an interesting experience though. i've learnt a lot, thanks so much. it may look disaster but for us we take that as a test from HIM. then, everything went as planned. i arrived home safely at 10.30 welcomed by my lovely mom at the gate. gosh, i miss her! it is almost a month since i left home.

    being a 16th year-old-girl is not as easy as it look. but it may be easy if we turn it easy. so, thats what i am trying to do. make everything happy and good although it not, make everything seem nice although it worse. that's my way. let my face smiling eventhough my heart suffers. i am a girl who prefer attention but when i didnt achieve that instead of being ignore everytime, sometimes it hurts. but it doesnt mean i have to stay sad and crying like a deadmen. let it go just like nothing happen and go on with my life as usual. i think that's the best thing to do.

    looking everyone happy with what they want and what they dreamt is not an easy thing for me to handle. it takes some time for me to recover but i just have to. i believe HE had planned all of this for me and i accepted that with a big redha. but when i am all alone and nobody by my side, its hard. yeah, its hard. i kept thinking.. why me? but i believe the answers will come sooner or later. i just have to be a little patience :>

just hide it away, simple kan? told ya'
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the light is on
hai. esok will move on to pj for some reasons. yeaaayy! bole shopping :D harini akak balikk. seronok woaah. bangun tidor, tengok akak ade, terus hugg diaa. hahah. okay gila

semalam balik ipoh, naik bas kesatuan. perggh, sejuk tahap! pastu jumpe kap -adik farah- hhaha. lawak gilaa. sebelum tuu lepak kat mb. seronok tau.

seminngu ni is activity week. serious enjoy! and the best part, aku tak homesick. cool kan? pastu dpt sport shoes baru sebab yang lama dah lekang. nasib baik kau lekang weh, merasa aku mak pos kasut :D
pastu, minggu aktiviti, ade buat bot, buat menara, drama, ungga and apeape lagi lah. tapi rasanya, yang aku paling semangat buat bot la kot, sbb ade sinar kemenangan harvard. dh laa aku sangap bagi menang jugak-.-

okay la, gtg! bye (:
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